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The no call on the holding for Crabtree was a killer. His jersey was clearly being held. But it is really tough to have a ref make a win/loss decision. If the ref called holding, the 49ers would win IMO.

49ers had many chances to win the game. 4 times at 7 yards at the end of the game. Couldn't convert. I still thought they should of fed Frank Gore since he made a giant run in the prior play. But they kept feeding it to Crabtree. It wasn't working.. At least set up a play for Kaepernick or Gore to rush. You have 4 chance to rush the ball to the end zone. But instead, they had 4 fail attempt with 0 gain.

49ers was clearly not ready for this game. Kaepernick was playing like a joke in the first half. The throw in the first half that got intercepted was thrown way too high. Frank gore got completely shut down 90% of the game. And the open of the 3rd quarter a 109 yard punt return. WTF.... 49ers shot themselves on the foot in the first half.

In the end, they had their chances but 49ers didn't deserve to win this.