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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
The no call on the holding for Crabtree was a killer. His jersey was clearly being held. But it is really tough to have a ref make a win/loss decision. If the ref called holding, the 49ers would win IMO.

49ers had many chances to win the game. 4 times at 7 yards at the end of the game. Couldn't convert. I still thought they should of fed Frank Gore since he made a giant run in the prior play. But they kept feeding it to Crabtree. It wasn't working.. At least set up a play for Kaepernick or Gore to rush. You have 4 chance to rush the ball to the end zone. But instead, they had 4 fail attempt with 0 gain.

49ers was clearly not ready for this game. Kaepernick was playing like a joke in the first half. The throw in the first half that got intercepted was thrown way too high. Frank gore got completely shut down 90% of the game. And the open of the 3rd quarter a 109 yard punt return. WTF.... 49ers shot themselves on the foot in the first half.

In the end, they had their chances but 49ers didn't deserve to win this.
to think if we came out and played well from the start, this game would have been a blowout in our favor. This experience is only going to help us going into next year