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Originally Posted by Sethism View Post
Mine has 48k miles on it. According to the complete service records supplied by the dealership, the car has not had a single issue up to my ownership a few weeks ago. I had the car in last week for a once-over before the warranty expired. They repaired the oil filter housing gasket and two suspension bushings. Car was out of service for less than 24 hours. Not bad- 2 minor repairs in 50k miles. More reliable than several Toyotas I have owned.

Not to criticize, but given the information you have in the other thread about your driving/operating habits, you might have more problems than the average owner. Like most German cars, if you take care of your BMW, it'll take care of you. Don't drive the tank to empty and idle for two hours if it's not completely necessary. I sort of suspect that idling for 2 hours probably caused massive heat soak underhood and fried your sensors.
Thanks for sharing. And yeah, i'll try not to sit idle for 2 hours again lol.