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Originally Posted by BKap08 View Post
to think if we came out and played well from the start, this game would have been a blowout in our favor. This experience is only going to help us going into next year
Kapernick is just not experienced enough for these big game. He is good ass hell, but right now he just don't have the experience. He can throw the ball long very well. He just can't throw it short.

Reason we lost was because of poor execution, turnovers, bad clock management, all those dumb penalties (especially on 3rd down), bad play calling (especially the last play where they rollout to block out the field).

To be honest, I don't know if Alex Smith would of played better this post season. Alex Smith was pretty damn clutch last post season. He may not have the running game like Kaepernick but he wouldn't be nervous the first half of the game. (Falcon game and Ravens)