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Inpa fault codes?


I have a 2007 320d with 90k on the clock. I recently got the inpa software, and hooked it up last night, when I read the codes tons of codes appeared. I deleted these and have driven the car all day today, around 60 miles. I rechecked, and it looks like 3 error codes remain, so hopefully the others were somewhat spurious, oh and I currently have no warning lights on the dashboard.

I'm unsure what they mean, but I'm thinking some might be for the glowplugs because when it was cold the car smoked a lot and missfired on startup.

The codes are as follows
JBBF - A6DE - 24
DME/DDE - 4212- 24
DME/DDE - 4242 - 24
CAS - A0B3 - 28

Any help must appreciated!