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2006 E90 330d Brake Squeal

I have read plenty threads about brake squeal when applying the brakes, but what about when not applying them? I noticed it about 6 months ago and it went away but it was back at the weekend. Only at slower speeds did i notice it and it went away whilst braking.

I dont often use the handbrake (auto box) but did earlier that day whilst changing front wheels. Could this be related?

Am i right in saying my car has handbrake shoes seperate from the caliper,, are they inside the bell of the disc or a separate drum? Calipers in my VW Golf's have had a built in handbrake mechanism so this is new to me.

Will investigate myself but curious if anyone has any pointers before i get started. Im fairly confident in working with brakes but any pointers before i start with the BMW setup versus my previous cars would be much appreciated

Rear brakes showing as 7000 miles before replacement, fronts showing as 11000 on the CBS monitor if that helps. Car has done 72k miles