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BMW - France

Hello my fellow BMW owners,

As some of you might have done before, I've lost my service book.

I bought my car from a guy that imported my E92 320D from France to Spain and under the transport he lost Service Book, Instructions Book, Etc.
I've been trying to get a hold of a new service book for 6 months now and I've kind of given up, I've contacted Bmw in Spain and they can give me all the books, but they will be blank ;-(
I've tried contacting Bmw France (using Google Translate, I don't speak French), they keep saying I should contact the garage where the car was serviced, but how the heck would I know where it's been serviced???

Is there anyone that can help me with this situation?

Any tips on what to do?

Anybody from France which might live next door to Bmw so they could contact the garage for me?

VIN: WBAWD110X0PV86407