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Originally Posted by jsaps View Post
Thanx for the info! Honestly didn't even know there was an option like that. Gonna look into it asap. Have you had your car on a dyno? If you don't mind me asking wut supporting mods do you have for it?
My only other modification is an upgraded chargepipe--the stock plastic piece is notorious for developing leaks. I have not dyno'd but most PPK cars put down about 300 to the wheels or about 350 crank. I had plans to eventually get an aftermarket tune (waited forever for the Cobb to come out for the N55), downpipe, intercooler and so on but I have sort of backed away from that idea. My car has lots of warranty left, CPO after that and the extended factory maintenance package and I'm not eager to screw with that just to gain a little more power. A 335i with the Power Kit hits that sweet spot in terms of power, drivability and affordability for me. I like the refinement built into this powertrain and have come to realize that pushing this car into that 400+ horsepower level will bring too many things I don't want in exchange for some power that I use once a week. I still may modify the car but it is much more likely to be the driveline (limited slip differential) and suspension (OEM M3 bits).