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Originally Posted by pintobean View Post
Here's what happened...

I organized a group buy of the original Blackvue direct from the manufacturer. I dealt with their manager of overseas sales and told him up front what I was doing. He gave me a price, and I sold to RFDers at my cost. They also made me an authorized dealer for their cams.

After my group buy, I was contacted by a guy in BC asking for advice on how to import the cams cheaply. I helped him out, and he started a company called BlackBoxMyCar (BBMC). He became an authorized dealer for the Blackvue, and began selling the cam for profit.

A few months after my group buy was done and all the cams were distributed, the manufacturer sent an email to all authorized dealers stating that they had implemented a minimum selling price for their cams.

In the fall, I was asked by many people to run a second group buy, so I made a few posts here on RFD stating that I was thinking about it.

When BBMC saw that I was possibly going to run another group buy, they got upset because they felt it would make it harder for them to sell their cams. They reported me to the manufacturer and said that I was breaking their minimum selling price rules, even though I didn't even have any cams to sell.

The manufacturer believed BBMC because they speak Korean and I don't. They shut me down as an authorized dealer, refused to ship me additional cams, and voided the remaining 3 months of warranty that was left on the cams that I imported in my first group buy.
This is the man that started it all. He was the first one to become a dealer not what bbmc keeps saying. Look how intently they are trying to prove that picture of being an official vendor and all. Seriously whens the last time youve seen a professional post a picture of their degree online to gain credibility. I suggest you avoid buying from bbmc and pittasoft all together. I bought mine from an authorized dealer too and pittasoft turnd around and canceled all out warranties.