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Originally Posted by Kerr View Post
There is a bit in Autocar this week with modified hot hatchbacks.

The new Focus ST with 292bhp just managed 150mph. Ford claim 153mph for the standard one with 247bhp.

The Megane RS with 300bhp couldn't break 150mph.

Thornley's Astra GTC VXR with 320bhp ran out of puff at only 140mph.
Guess it all boils down to aerodynamics and gearing.

After posting i had a read up on the 8p s3, someone (with more technical genuis than me) has calculated max speed possible etc etc.

His belief was that 181mph was V max with standard gearbox, and that would require around 400bhp.

Lots of people with mapped s3's hitting the 155-160 mark though.