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Where's the solenoid sensor?

Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
I agree to disagree with you and concur with Scott. Didnt notice enough to warrant doing it.

Secondly, and this could be pure coincidence, but 3 days after I unplugged mine in the trunk I had an o2 sensor go bad. When I took it to get replaced, my SA showed me the tech sheet where the solenoid sensor malfunction was recorded over 200 times. Then the tech said that the closing of the butterfly isnt necessarily for sound restrictions, but has to do with backpressure as well. This helps the cats warm up properly and get to operating temps. He said when this is disabled, you run the risk of damaging your emissions equipment.

Now I dont know if that was a load of bunk, but with the amount of issues Im having with this car, I dont need to give it anymore pushes in that direction.
Makes sense about the cats warming up--the exhaust sounds the most agressive with the mod at cold startups. I'm not sure that this will cause damage to the emissions equipment--but it certainly will cause more emissions to be released while they are warming up.
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