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Originally Posted by ianwood View Post
I am picking up a 2010 E92 with CIC and bluetooth but no Combox or Assist. I am interested in the combox 6NR retrofit but I don't understand why I can't find a single post discussing the cost. Not even a rough estimate. All I see are vendors saying "PM me and I'll tell you" which seems kind of secretive and makes me reluctant. I get it that there are a bunch of different combinations but most people on these forums are used to discussing the detail of complex variations already. Surely, someone can post up a list of the significant/common combinations and what the rough level of effort/cost might be.

Or I can post a list of the options on the vehicle I am picking up and then you can reply with a rough estimate for that particular set of options. Just a suggestion. I want to do it but only for the right price and the lack of upfront discussion on cost makes me think twice.
Let me see if I can come with a rough estimate: (for europe)
This is an estimate of the dealer price for hardware alone- (all from BMW dealer) (all prices in Euro)

Combox Media : 356
baseplate : 170
Snapin media : 180
HSD blue cable : 72
FBAS cable : 35

I do not know the cost of getting 6NR FSC (prob 200) ..

Vendors will surely charge more..

- Deeps

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