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Originally Posted by ziggy55
Sorry for the newbie question, but my 06 330i has this ticking noise pretty bad. Startup and after I've driven the car for a while. Does this affect performance or longevity of the engine? My 330i is out of warranty and wouldn't wanna be paying an arm and a leg to fix something that doesn't need to be fix ASAP. Thanks!
Whoever said dont worry about it.. Is wrong. Wether it's fuel injectors.. Or your lifters.. Both will cause damage to the engine if not treated immediately therefore effecting longitivtiy.

My story; I had an 01 330ci. I had lifter noise for 6 months that I thought was just a belt. Turns out I was really low on oil but had no clue at all. I was so concerned with what damage I may have some to my car that I sold it.