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Originally Posted by bbbuzzy View Post
The seat mat sensor recall that the OP is referring to was probably issued by the NHSTA in the US. It does appear that many other '06 models have this problem and were not included in the recall based on VIN. Recalls never expire, thus the age of the vehicles and it's mileage does not matter. The OP needs to gather other '06 owners info and formally request the NHSTA to expand the VIN range of the recall. Not much else is going to change anything. Perhaps if you bug BMWNA enough, you will "miraculously" find your VIN in the included range.

Good luck.
OP is from canada, NHSTA and BMWNA won't listen to him. He needs to speak to BMW Canada or the NHSTA equivalent in Canada... but he already said he doesnt want to speak to the govt.