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Originally Posted by ChipB View Post
+1 on the advice to stick with OEM or DOT 4 brake fluids intended for street applications. I use ATE Super Blue only for my cars that see track time, and then only because I need the higher dry boiling point to prevent brake fade and I'm willing to bleed the brakes at least twice/year. For normal street driving it really offers no advantages over OEM.

By the way - I don't know where "GTA" is, and where is "Strathroy/Richmond Hill?" I'm guessing London? Or Ontario? Or maybe GA?
ATE Super Blue is the same as ATE Type 200 (which is DOT approved). The only reason it isn't DOT approved is because it's blue. The only reason it's blue is so that you can alternate it with Type 200 (which is gold) and know when you've bled it all through.

Resist the urge lump Super Blue/Type 200 in with all the "race only" fluids out there. They are excellent fluids, street or track, and are made for long change intervals in street applications.