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Originally Posted by CS View Post
i would like to re-open this thread.

I don't think it's the tires, as I'm having the same problem when I accelerate hard with my PS2 tires.

This morning I decided to accelerate hard and when i went from first to second gear the car shook left and right. I had to correct it with steering.
The road was wet.

I read that this was called Torque Steer and it is normal... this will bug me

Is this due to not having an LSD?

can anyone shed some light, thanks.
Torque steer is a front wheel drive (only) issue. When accelerating around a corner the steering is affected by the torque from the front wheels.
RWD 335s are essentially 1 wheel drive cars so you are probably feeling the torque being applied to one wheel and then the other as car struggles for traction.