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Originally Posted by Dave_3 View Post
My iPad (1st gen) decided to lose wireless just after a year. Apple in Switzerland don't play ball - I would have to pay about 80% of the price for a new one to get it repaired. Now a paper weight.

I haven't gone back. Got a nice wee Android device.

I'll agree, when I bought the iPad nothing could touch it. And I would still recommend an iPad to many - an 80+ year Aunt is delighted with hers, after I recommended it to her.

But the Android devices are surging onwards. And being able to simply store files/images/movies/downloads directly onto the device (or large SD card) is a godsend compared to the locked-down iPad.

Friend is receiving her Google Nexus 10 this week - can't wait to have a wee play with that. The screen resolution of 2560x1600 (300ppi) is just ridiculous.

Sorry to hear of your 1st gen failure. Re the SD / USB issue, you can plug and use then on iPad, you just need the correct cable and jobs a goodun. Also my phone, iPad and mac all talk to each other which is great.