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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
Thanks for the clarification. Btw off-topic but I'm thinking about building a cage in my Z4 coupe, and I'm sure you guys have experience with this after. If so maybe I'll shoot you a pm.

Btw I love how the kid deleted his posts. What's even more funny is he sent me a PM with a big F U
Yes, we have experience with cage building. OP, I don't want you to get discouraged, and that was not the point of my post. Just want to make sure we are all 'on the same page' with our discussion and I am happy to help further if you wish. Feel free to shoot me a PM too.

Originally Posted by robc1976 View Post
great post! I know this is the way for performance....could this possibly help with comfort to? I measured from the bottom of the rim to the top of the fender because I was aving a very hard time finding level ground lol!!
Usually its easiest to measure in your garage. This 'should' help with ride quality and make it so the car is not 'pitchy.'

What's nice is that some tape measures will list on the side how 'tall' they are so you can just set it up right and pull the tape out until it hits the rocker. Add the measurement of the tape to the 'height' of the tape measure tool and you are good to go