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Originally Posted by J02 335i View Post
The price sounds right, but the story is......did you really need them?

I just bought all the needed brake parts from Advanceauto with hefty coupon code for only $200(F+R rotors, pads, sensors, etc.)....i mean literally everything. But I am thinking about returning some back, because I really don't think I need to replace rear rotors. Although my sensors say they need to be replaced, it's just a street car and I still have a pretty good braking distance. I will still replace front pads+rotors and rear pads and sensors.

Now, I am a bit late to this post, but it all comes down to whether you really are needed to do this. I go with doubt. But it really depends on how you drive. If you are beating on your car with dme chipped and some meth/n2o injections, then your tires will wear prematurely. That case simply replace them. Did the car throw some sensor? I've read my bentley manual, and it said you measure the depth of the rotors, then decide whether to replace.

Let me tell you one last story. My wife's honda van....she brought it in for a "prepaid" service, they did all the needed recalls, 15k miles services, but asked my wife if she wanted a "battery service." Cmmon! It's a 15k miles van bought new, serviced by schedule with prepaid plan(paid $450 when we bought the car, but I regret), and saying that the battery needs a service? It turned out that they just applied that BG liquid to the negative terminal(which looked perfectly fine before the service) and charged $16 for the part and $14 for the labor. You've got to be kidding me....SERIOUSLY! American auto dealers are called "nuts" for no other reasons! Unfortunately, my wife accepted that recommendation, and yes, she paid for it. It's almost getting me puked....disgusting....nasty.

Bottom line, if they recommend, don't accept it. Just tell them that you will think about it. Then call around and take your car to an indy shop, get a secondary opinion and quote. Now.....I sometimes don't even trust those indy shops these days. I've got another ripped off service done by a nationally known tire shop.....argued but didn't work. Yes, that's need to know what it is if you want to save your hard earned cash....or just ignore to know and pay whatever they say and feel good after having brand new parts all the time you take your cars in. My route....I'd rather know what it is, then find a place who can do the job cheaper than others. It's your choice.

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