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Originally Posted by cisf0rcalvin View Post
Finally had an excuse to upgrade to a m-tech rear. The diffuser was painted matte black. Car looks much better now.

Fitment was 9/10 for being a replica from eBay. The 1 point deduction is because there's some residue lines from the moulding next to the wheel. I think if the body shop sanded that part down it would have been spot on. I was able to keep the existing bumper guides.
I was just going to ask around about this exact eBay bumper (at least the pre-LCI version). Thanks for posting.

Did you get lucky with the bumper guides? The auction clearly states new guides are required:
If your vehicle already already has the MTECH package, this bumper is a bolt on direct fit.
If your vehicle does not have the MTECH package from the factory, you will need to buy the MTECH rear bumper guide supports. Part #(s) for left and right are 51127906505 & 51127906506.

That shows up on realoem:

As a different part number.

Any ideas what the body shop did to make it work? Maybe an LCI versus pre-LCI difference?


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