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Finally got around to working on the HU again and it was somewhat of a success. I located the small gauge remote turn-on wire for the OEM amp (thanks Scuba) and finally got sound (never though I would be happy to hear static). Now I have two new problems which I think are easily fixed but I'm just not sure how to go about fixing them. First, the HU does not turn on until I actually start the car or if I just hit the Start/Stop button to put the car into "On" mode. The HU also turns off when I stop the engine. I currently have the power wire that came with the Metra harness running to the cigarette lighter fuse in the glove box. I'm assuming I just need to find another source of power so that the HU turns on when I put the key in instead of having to actually start the car. Second, I'm not able to retain the presets for my radio stations and the settings to the HU (button colors and display themes) when I turn off the car and then turn on again the next time. It seems to work if it's a short time frame between turning on/off the car but if it's more than an hour I lose all the settings that I had in the HU from before. I'm assuming I need to find another constant power source so that the HU retains all the settings when the car is turned off.

Can somebody please let me know the correct fuse I'm supposed to be running to as well as a constant power source so I can retain settings? I'll try to snap some pictures of the wiring at lunch. Thanks everyone.