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Originally Posted by parapaul
Originally Posted by Hopeful View Post
? 194.22 now
Confused the hell out of me - they had the F1A2 listed twice, once at 166, once at 194. As far as I could tell they were identical, so I went for the cheaper one

It was, possibly, a mistake on their website but I'm sure I saw double listings on Camskill and Event too - no idea why.

Edit: Still there - link to search page. scroll down to 'Other Options', then the 166 tyre is there, 4th row on the right hand side.
I was looking through blackcircles last night and they have many different tyre brands mentioned (ie conti, mich, Bridgestone etc) that are listed several times for exactly the same tyre but at different prices. Make sure you pick the cheapest!