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Originally Posted by robc1976 View Post
Actually here in a week or do...I had a Dyno slip with the meth cutting off and got furious and crumbled it, but kept wife cleaned my car and threw it away lol!! I was pissed but my fault it was right at 516 Hp with meth flow being cut at around 3800 (I limped on one run) or so (air kept getting in lines)...I am hopping for 520-525 (thats my goal anyway). I think it is feasible. I had a 70% mix of E85 and trims didnt look to bad even with meth cutting off (except when meth cutoff once with over boost turned up to 24)...still pisses me off lol!! That s the reason I switched everything on my meth system....I want to know that when I smash the gas I get instant response with no damn air! Lol!

I also want to data log at the same time.
I was working on a friends N55 doing some tuning and we had an issue with lag on the meth pump as well as the PROcede rebooting. Ended up putting capacitors on the power lines, one on the PROCede and one on the pump. Fixed the power surge on the pump and also fixed the PROCede reboot issue. N55/PROcede has a shit connection for power. They put a spade off the first fuse in the panel and voltage fluctuates so much it was causing the PROCede to just randomly reboot. Anyway, he's now running 50% e85 and 100% meth with a boost target of 20 psi and it's stupid quick. AWD car so the launch is neck breaking if his clutch holds... He's pissed at me now because he's blowing through his clutch and needs to upgrade. So just food for thought, putting a cap on the power line for the pump is only a few $ and a few minutes to eliminate any voltage drops. Also, did you run an override to purge the meth lines? My Rev 3 has it built in and rather than having a boost control switch, the PROCede controls the switch, so at 3k rpm, I can hold my volume control down and it will trigger meth to purge the lines. Nice race day option as you roll up to the start line, rev the engine and purge the lines so you know you don't have any glitches when you launch.