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Originally Posted by Spool
As title states, i've been eating a lot of junk food due to the Chinese New year holiday events, eating fried shits on the streets and vendors, and eating pop eyes (7 pieces) last night for supper bowl. Had cold sweats last night and hard to sleep cuz one side of body was numb, this morning when i took a shit i felt burning sensation. Looked in the toilet and it looks like someone poured a cup of olive oil into it...

what's going on, is this something i need to consult a real life doctor for? i don't have insurance
Normal feeling after eating "shit".

If you ve continuous numbness on one side only, it depends on your age, if you are older than 40 and have other problems like diabetes and hypertension go to the ER as you could ve a stroke. Eating Chinese food and experiencing numbness and headaches could be a sign of MSG allergy, a syndrome called Chinese food syndrome, almost all Chinese food places use MSG in their food, it can cause numbness, headache, dizziness, etc.. Most of the time it's self limited, very rarely could be fatal My 2 cents...