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Originally Posted by manutdas11 View Post
No Problemo
Did you get a Performance Diffuser?
Originally Posted by junkie90 View Post
Lol! If you're near Milpitas, I'm down. If you take a picture and post it, I'm pretty sure one of us would be able to determine what you picked up. However, I'm not turning down an opportunity to chill with another member over cold brew

Switching out a diffuser is relatively simple and I'm almost positive you can swap it in the time it takes to enjoy a can.

Edit: Is it a single-outlet cf diffuser? If so, I might just buy it off you

Thanks for the offer guys! The seller responded and am in talks of just returning it to him. That's probably the easiest way to deal with this. I'll let you all know if it doesn't work out.

FWIW it was quad cf diffuser. really simple and not too aggressive - just what i was looking for. too bad it's apparently for e90.

I have performance/IS diffuser on right now. got bored with the look and now I'm trying to go quad