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We've had a few Range Rover. Four of which were the now former generation L322's. All of them suffered faults but none ever had a serious mechanical fault.

I rejected a 2010 Autobiography because the dealership failed to provide a fix for the surround cameras which would transmit distorted and blinking video.

A replacement was ordered and it too would go on to eventually suffer from problems with the surround camera system. Once the rubber seal around the windscreen came loose and lately I have noticed that the suspension drops when it has been parked for a few days. Also during the freezing spell the door lock was frozen, which to be fair I think was water ingress from the pressure washer! The battery has also depleted twice but thats probably been caused due to an interior light being left on (most modern cars cut interior/exterior lights when locked but this doesn't).

Despite these annoying niggles we have enjoyed the RR's well when they have worked. Like I already mentioned we have not experienced any serious failures (touchwood) e.g. I think gearboxes are a common issue but mainly isolated to high mileage diesels (I have never tried one but I hear the late L322 TDV8's and the new model diesels are very very good).

We like the Range Rover because they have an immense road presence and the driving position is excellent. Interiors are fairly up market but I don't think they are very comfortable for rear adult passengers. We use it a lot for the airport runs and general workhorse duties. But it does the work of a luxury barge when required. Particularly useful in the wet/winter months, we do have winter tyres and I've put it through some seriously though stuff. Its pretty handy off road and we do often take the 'green lane' home

Yes there are other downsides too like the depreciation which often makes people wonder if it is even worth that ? The running costs are also questionable.

There isn't much else on the market that does what we need the RR to do. The new model for us is a progression, needs must Apparently it addresses some complaints but I'll believe it when we start living with it