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I have not dealt with anyone from Brampton/Caledon actually, so i doubt it would be me. I want to be fair and not to make it seem i'm selling any defective products here, that is not my intention.

Unless i have forgotten, but if you friend did indeed bought it from me and has my number, he can definitely contact me and i will help him out to resolve the issue.

I have not received feedback from the people that I have sold cases to about the screws not screwing in correctly/sliding out.

It would be tough to source screws, but it sounded like it's an issue with the holes that were drilled and that it's not gripping the screws at all.

Originally Posted by jacewong View Post
I have a blue and black one..the screws on the bottom left corner don't fit, they slide right out.

how would i source proper screws? the same screws work 100% fine with the top right corner holes.

as nice as a case these are, im keeping the thing together with scotch tap and it looks pretty bad in public LOL.

It maybe just my case's issue

Maybe my friend bought it from you, he's fro Brampton/Caledon? maybe you can help me out?
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