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Originally Posted by Sparky68 View Post
I assume i just use the existing clamps?
Yes, you connect the CP to the cold side piping via the provided clamps, make sure they're on tight. The throttle body side attaches via the stock C clip, wich you pull off of the OE CP. Be careful getting it off, it doesn't require a ton of force, and can be broken if you pull or yank too suddenly or at a strange angle. Inside the OE throttle body side piping youll find a rubber o ring, yank it out and place it in the same section of the AA pipe. Throttle body connection is just the opposite of removal, and you're set in terms of clamping for the CP. Just gotta deal with the MAP, connecting the line to the manifold, and capping off the intake holes from the diverter valves. Takes a little bit of time, but pretty simple all in all. Be patient and try not to lose anything, my car's engine bay ate a screw last time I was in it
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