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fault code BST battery safety terminal 93B2

Hi guys

sorry if this has been discussed but couldnt find any direct answers

mate of mine has a slight problem thought id ask on here for him
he recently bought a e90 airbag and seat belt light were on dash
did various searches on net
on board computer was saying cc id 97 but had it diagnosed on obd reader and it came back as 93b2 safety battery terminal

did a quick seach on you tube and found this

so we know what it is
question is how do you fix the problem? and roughly how much is the cost for parts ..has anyone had a similar problem. the Mechanic who did the diagnostic said hes had loads of bmw's come in with the same code so must be a common issue?

is here any d.i.y bypasses available or can the battery terminal be bought from the dealership and is it a easy diy fit
has anyone done any quides?

thanks in advance