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Had install fitted today. Decided to go with three way up front. Mb quart.

Mb quart Rear speakers would not fit so had to go with Herts coaxial.

So have two pairs of mb quart coaxial speakers to sell.

I have gone with a standard front rear sub set up and not active.

Went with front end wired to 2ohm so have 92w rms per channel running off cross overs for 3 ways

Rear end wired at 4 ohm so have 66w per channel running coaxials

Sub in booted wired to 2ohm giving 556w rms on dual 4 ohm voice coil. Bass controller mounted in flap in dash under steering wheel.

We ran out of time to complete
Boot floor, but everything is wired up. Will complete install next week. I have taken lots of photos with SLR and video of complete install. Will take me a few days to edit the video.

Spent far too much money today about double what I intended.

I have not time aligned of played with eq settings so am listening flat.

One word.

E90 330i SE Auto Graphite Grey Metalic