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Originally Posted by bmwm-power View Post
ok cheers mate, we will have a rummage around tomorow and see if we can find anything. You maybe right i read somewhere else that there is a wire that plugs in somewhere behind the boot lining near the battery that can usually get disconnected so hopefully its something small and silly like that.
Will give bmw a ring aswell and see if they sell that BST seperatley ...i dread the thought/cost of replacing the whole positive wire to the front of the car. surely there must be a way to cut/splice in a replacement
ALL BMW E9x come with BST.
There are two battery connectors. One carries power to essential parts only and other passes through BST and goes to DME, and other modules.

In case of accident, ABG (airbag) module triggers BST and it explodes, therefore disconnecting fuel pump and many other vital elements of the car which can lead to fire.

It is a safety feature. Once triggered, you can only start the car bypassing BST (for short term only). Error will stay on the dash till you change the BST. If you do not, and gets involve in another accident, no airbag will deploy and your safety will be at risk.

BMW sells it for around 105 + VAT. Check the code again and if it is BST, then get it replaced sooner than later. There is NO point of risking life.

You could try breakers though most of their cars are involved in accident and they sell faulty BST.