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I'm not sure about Torque but I have DashCommand and you can enter the individual codes in the relevant field once the OBD connection is made. IIRC they are called PAC codes or something like that. Some bright spark usually has them posted on some forum. Try the tuning section here they may be hidden in there or search for OBDII CODES.

I used this on a Mini Cooper BTW. But should be same for all cars in the App's garage.

Another thing is I had to fill in pretty much all of my cars specifics in all of the fields in order to get all the info I wanted displayed. It took a good hour of internet searching to get all of the info that Dashcommand required but it displayed all the info.

Dashcommand, I think, but dont quote me, uses a few mathematical algrothams to estimate most of the outputs, especially fuel economy/consumption, hence why curb weight and tyre specifics are important for the app to work.

Torque maybe completely different tho, but hope it helps.
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