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blind behind big pickup trucks

Has anyone every been behind a raised pickup truck cruising on the freeway, when the truck changes lanes last second and the traffic is completely stopped right in front? Not braking or even switching lanes earlier.

This has happened to me 3 times in the last 13 years of driving. I know that's not an impressive number but that is 3 times too many. A regular driver would start braking early to slow down and to warn cars behind that traffic is slowing or stopped ahead. These guys have to know they obstruct the view of everyone behind them with their huge ass trucks, but still pull this stunt.
It has only happend to me while behind big trucks and I have never noticed any other vehicles doing this. Now I try to avoid being behind them, and if I have no choice, I follow wayyyy behind, to the point I start getting tailgated.

Just thought I share and see if this happens to anyone else.
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