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As you've given me a nice smiley,I'll tell you my tale of woe.I was going to post in the angry and rude thread,with a lot more expletives,but here we go...
It's a sore subject at the mo and I'd accept the hit if I didn't look after the car-I've not even struck any noticeable potholes,despite the roads being in shite order!
Basically,I drove to work with no issues and on the drive back,the car has suffered a cracked coil spring.
Apparently,damage to the spring could have happened over a prolonged period,with it being constantly hit with carriageway stones-causing weakness=crack.
This has also caused terminal damage to a winter tyre and brake flex.
No goodwill gesture as the BMW tech has said its a wear and tear issue-56 plate and 80k.
Mondial would have authorised the work,however,they have accepted this verdict and I'm on my own.
BMW have looked at the car and said that I also have three leaking shocks.The latter wasn't picked up during a health check a few weeks ago at the same main stealer.
Cost to repair £1700...
I've now had the car transferred to my (trusted) Indy.
They have has said that they will look at the shocks to see if they are actually leaking-if they are,ill replace them and that's why I've been trying to research alternative options to the M setup.
They have also quoted me to replace everything,using oem stock and its nearly a grand cheaper.
That's been my day(At least Mondial are allowing me two more days with their courtesy car).