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Originally Posted by Redadair View Post
Hello fellow BMW Guys N Gals, looking for opinions on Tires for our cars.

On my 1M I am looking to keep summer tires on the car, especially since she spends winters in the garage.

I need to change the tires on my new to me 2004 330i ZHP sedan, which is my daily driver. I am wondering if anyone uses a good All Season tire on their cars for winter or if most use Summer tires in the summer and dedicated Winter tires for winter? And or All Season for summer and Dedicated snows for winter?

I don't know why I am having such a tough time deciding tires on this car, usually it's pretty straight forward for me. Maybe it's the Automatic trans. choice on this car? I don't see me driving this car that hard?

Thanks all
Hey Scott, I highly recommend having a dedicated set of summers and winters. All Seasons are a compromise and are not really good at anything. They arent all that great in the summer, and not all that great in the winter. Opposed to winters that are designed for cold weather, and snow that you may encounter. Same with summer tires, designed for warmth and sticking to the roads.