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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
Good points, efthree and hickory.. The price point difference is a factor to consider, but I feel the BMW's interior quality and the dead cows make up for the good portion of the price delta. The remaining price delta is the cost of entry into a BMW versus a Ford, and what I understand to be slightly better handling.

Personally I respect Ford very much and the current gen Mustang 5.0 GT. That was the only alternative when I was looking for my E92 last year. The two big reasons I didn't go the Ford route was - the 5.0 GT was less than a model year old, which means gremlins and bugs. Also, what I see as poor interiors - where I spend 90% the time I'm around my car.

I would be interested in any car that benchmarks the E92 M3 and pulls it off well at a good price point. The next-gen Mustang speculations/renderings are already out and IMO it looks too swoopy and artsy.. I'm waiting and watching..
I just don't understand the whole interior thing. The Mustang interior and the BMW are not THAT far apart; not $15K apart at least. When you get an M3 or a Boss 302, you get the car to actually appreciate the WAY it drives not the way the leather seats smell and kiss your ass.