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Originally Posted by Saturns View Post
Id like to thank the black or dark blue e90 owner this evening Feb 4 8:45pm who was heading west on hwy 7 going onto the 404 southbound ramp. I'd like to personally meet and thank you my way.

We were both on the lights before the 404 underpass and you were in the inside lane. I was in the middle lane. I accelerated to overtake you so I can get on the ramp. I SIGNALLED and I was about 1.5 cars lenghts away and moved into the inside lane with lots of room. You preceded to tail gate me on the ramp reaching very fast speeds. I am sorry that my poor Ford SUV was in your way as you tailed me on a ramp going what 100+. Further down the ramp the other merging lane was coming up and you tried to going into the inside shoulder and do an illegal pass at the shoulder at what 140kmp but my peppy 270hp Ford was ahead and you couldnt pass. I'm soo sorry that you couldnt overtake my poor SUV illegally on the shoulder.

As we got on the 404 you decided to overtake me and I stayed in the slow lane as I had to exit next at Steeles. You preceded to cut in front of me abruptly and intentionally slow down and hit your brakes to intentional block and scare me heading southbound on 404 from hwy 7 all the way up to Steeles. .... wow... that really scared me... sooooooo scarryyyyy.

So please I would like to personally meet you and personally apologize.

Feel free to man up anytime.

I wish the kind of people that drive like this had enough (or any) backbone to man up and respond to your post. Fast overcompensating car, inflated ego, and no honour on the streets whatsoever.
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