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Originally Posted by Mr.Ritz View Post
lol 3 dealerships didn't notice my ULF died and its not throwing error codes. It just doesn't show up in the computer..

Honestly I am really pissed.. I bought the car used at 30k and I can't remember if I bought it under factory warranty or CPO.. If it is CPO I guess I am covered for a few more months and up to 100k.. anyway like I was saying Im pissed because I took it to the dealership at 45k and told them the idrive was acting wonky and they just said everythign was fine.. Then they wouldn't replace the trim where all the paint came of because it was one of the things the warranty didn't cover.. I hate the dealership.. love indy techs tho

Buy one, slap it in and bite the bullet for programming. It's literally one of the easiest things to get to/replace. Tops it has 4 8mm nuts holding it down.

Or sell the car and keep driving the kick-ass corvette u say u have? No, really. I have one too. Love it. Lol