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BMW 330i - Service Engine Soon light on/off - Help

Hi Guys,

Just need your advice here. I drive a 330i BMW E90 from 2006 with 90k miles and the Service Engine Soon light comes on - I drive it for a day or two and it turns off and usually comes on again a week later... etc. I checked my issue online and brought the car to the local dealer, they said nothing is wrong with the car, no services due, and they cleared all error codes and a day later the SES light comes on again.

The car behaves normally, no shaking, no power loss, just the stupid engine service soon light that comes on and goes off occasionally. I asked them the "error" codes and they gave me this number.


No help for me yet... but maybe you can crack the case. My only guess is that it could be an occasional engine misfire? I haven't replaced the sparkplugs since 2009.