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Originally Posted by diddlkiss
I got RBturbos for my car 3 months ago, which is FBO. However, only 17.4psi can be obtained. So I got the stock turbo back and its also 17.5. I'm runing 100%meth and don't know why.
I'v been always using the 9-10 map.

Another question is the fuel economy. Its about 14mpg after I installed the Procede rev3. I find other guys usually have 22mpg. Its about 30city and 70suburben free way.I have 20mpg when I'm using all stock I swear I'm carefully driving, any suggestion?

The PSI of boost is more of a tuning related issue, I would play with settings on the Procede as RB's can handle more than that. However it could be tied to the lack of MPG.

As for the MPG this is the interesting issue you are having. Your stock MPG is low as well as your tuned which leads me to think you have a Hardware issue, possibly injectors or low compression on a cylinder causing the DME to bandaid something that is mechanically wrong in your motor. If its a bad injector that's the easiest one to fix and there are various ways to check for this. If its not a bad injector then you have an issue that the DME is trying to bandaid with Fuel, in this case more fuel than needed which drops your MPG.