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Originally Posted by Cheesegeezer View Post
I think you should keep it, definitely!!

Thats good to know about the Jehnerts, its exactly the type of mid i am looking for. Had a read on their website and they also suggest minimum of 80Hz as a starting point. How much oomph are you sending to the Jens? Think i'll get the iPaul 2.300 amp to drive these.

Ok so now i think the shopping list has changed yet again, think i'll still keep the rainbow vanadiums but go 2 way thru iPaul 4.300 amp.

Mob17..... Dont do it lol
Lol. I don't think i will now, last few days have been awful listening to the base set up. Now i just have to make the morels fit in the doors. Might start the install this week.

When hooked up, i used a vibe litebox stereo 4, 90w each. BP from 80hz-300hz. I think the Jehnrts are rated up to 130w. You just need to be careful as i have heard that the Jehnerts will reach their thermal limits before their mechanical limits, so you won't have an audible warning, just a nasty smell But i haven't read anyone whose managed to do this. As long as you send them clean unclipped power they will be fine, as long as it's not ridiculously high!

If you do want to buy them, i'd suggest ringing up Jehnert in Germany. They will happily ship a set over with adaptors (without xovers), for around 300. I managed to bargain with them and got them for 250, but i visited them whilst in Europe so maybe they felt kinder then

There are other underseats that will work too. There's the Morel ADMW 9", but it is pricey. The Kicker SSMB 8 is apparantly just as good for mid bass as the Jehnerts. They are discontinued and therefore probably cheaper. Link

How much power is that amp rated for? I've tried looking but can't seem to find a data sheet.