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love the 'GT ROAD'....bruuuaaah!

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Love the look of an E60 M Sport with Spiders!
Awesome cars
Cheers bud!! Loving the wheels as well!

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LOL! i definitely know about that bug dude and when it bits, it hurts my wallet big time!!!

all good fun though!

enjoy it! sounds like an awesome car!
Nice one mate

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Congrats on the New Car!! Pics Please!!
Full valet soonish and I'll post some up

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I think the 535d and 335d uses the same engine block

Things to looks out for -
Red Boost Pipe - see if there is any oil on that if so seals will require replacing
Go into hidden menu, check coolant temp - EGR and Main stat will need replacing if its not getting up to temp
oil breather pipe - would change it as a preventative emasure - not sure on that year it will still be the loo roll type or new vortex one - either way I would replace it
Check vacuum hoses to see if they are frayed and replace
General service air/oil/fuel/micro filter and make sure you use LL04 spec oil and should all be hunky dorey

Congrats on the car btw
Thanks a bunch mate - exactly sorts of things I was after, clearly a "guru"

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Congrats on the car bud. When will you post pics? Have always liked the E60.
Full valet soonish and I'll post some up Got a 1, 3 and a 5 - tried to convince wife for an x3 for the kiddie but she said "he's not even 6 months yet!!"

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Congratulations on the purchase! In terms of 'cheap' mods for performance, a remap has to be top of the list. Best 300 spent I'd have thought by a long way.
Nice one, will look into this once I have had it all checked out and stamped seal of approval from my mechanic!