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PTF Pro Tune with 50/50 (Boost Juice) Meth - single 1.0mm nozzle, full boltons

Quick update from a Pro Tune session this past Sunday, customer had the following mods:

AR Catted Dp's
Aquamist HFS-4 System w/ One 1mm nozzle 50/50 boost juice from snow performance
K&N Intake (soon to be bms dci)
ER Charge Pipe w/ Forge Diverter Valves
BMW Performance exhaust (with secondary cats in place)
PTF ProTune

Bone stock baseline showed 264whp/268wtq same day same dyno. Thought I'd throw this up as it was one of the only cars we tuned on a 50/50 meth mixture (usually do north of 80-100% meth mix) and just a SINGLE 1.0mm nozzle. With more meth and/or higher meth concentration more is available through timing. A nice DCI would help another 10-15whp at peak as well but we're very pleased with a pretty kick ass delta of +153whp +171wtq.

Note: Dyno has a 100psi boost sensor that at these boost levels reads a touch higher. Actual boost off the AP was 15.97@6k rpm and 14.2psi@6400rpm