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Originally Posted by Estoril Sport View Post
I would strongly recommend going out with an instructor they can encourage you to drive up to the safe limits and give you some really good track tips.

I was with an instructor and was able to outpace and overtake two 911 which were on the track. The track was dry and I was braking so hard the ABS where coming on a few times, and in the corners I was having to slow down due to the 911 just could not handle them. I too have Michelin pilot sports and non-run flats. Even the instructor was amazed with the Alpina road holding. However the Michelins took hammering and now need a new set.

I confess I was underwhelmed with the 911 performance and road holding I expected more, especially to what the press say about them. Has anyone else found this as well? (it could be the two 911 drivers were totally crap drivers)
Yep, I test drove a 911 (997 2s) with 385BHP and -- didnt like it, didnt feel as special or as powerful as the M3, and I hated the gear shifting on the steering wheel. So I got the M3DCT and my god what a car cant wait to get it to a track - that said I did race a 335i on the road and I took him with ease from a 60mph rolling start