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Originally Posted by BEAR-AvHistory View Post
Agree with high levels of E85 you need the backend flash. I ran a few tanks to test it & the car was happy with about 40% total alcohol. You need to remember to count in the 10% in 93 octane premium.

Yes my Map 6 is generally +1 PSI across the board over the default 335is Map 6. I run on average 95/96 octane fuel using a 93+100 mix. I did not want to get involved with E85 (the one E85 station is way across town) & potential fueling issues.

The log I put above in the thread is with the extra psi & the 93/100 mix. Terry said it was good to go. I have been running it since I went to the G5/ISO board

I ran the default map with straight 93 octane on the G4 board. Personally I donít really recommend anyone stepping up the Maps unless they are willing to do it in stages & send in the logs to be sure you are not screwing anything else. I worked it up 1/2 pound at a time. I also believe with the aftermarket FMIC the charge is cooler & is also a big help when increasing boost.

I've been running Map 5 and all I can say is wow! the difference is tremendous. Thanks to everyone for all the help.

BEAR the reason why I quoted your post is because this just made things a little confusing with all the E this E that lol, I always run on 93 Octane but i still dont quite understand what you guys are talking about? should i check for something in particular when I pick my gasoline? Or does every 93 octane gas contain exactly the right amount of "E" I need to run in map 5? haha