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Thumbs up DVD Drive Failure

So, after having the car since November and knowing the entire time that the SatNav didn't want to play ball I took thought hey, I'll buy a new SatNav DVD. To no avail I might add. After doing abit of Forum searching, on here and other BMW forums I came to the conclusion it was the actual drive causing the problem.
After I'd sussed that out I went and rang around BMW Parts specialists. BMW in Yeovil, Somerset, UK wanted 380 - I nearly fell out of my chair. I said thanks but no thanks. Then I went and rang a broker up in Sheffield, UK and they said they had one but it was from an M3 and would need coding, again asking for the same price. I rang Dick Lovett in Bristol, UK and asked how much one would be..... Drum roll please..... 100inc VAT - SOLD TO THE MAN WITH CURLY HAIR!!

Picking it up on Thursday (7th February) and I shall let you know how I get on. I shall be following That DIY guide and will get back to you.

If you'd like any other pictures taken that aren't shown on there give me a shout!

You may have read all that and are now thinking "why is he telling us this" - There is no reason but I had to tell someone and at this moment in time, no one in my house gives a rats arse I'm replacing the DVD drive on my car...

JR out.

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