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Originally Posted by Maddict3 View Post

I've been running Map 5 and all I can say is wow! the difference is tremendous. Thanks to everyone for all the help.

BEAR the reason why I quoted your post is because this just made things a little confusing with all the E this E that lol, I always run on 93 Octane but i still dont quite understand what you guys are talking about? should i check for something in particular when I pick my gasoline? Or does every 93 octane gas contain exactly the right amount of "E" I need to run in map 5? haha
Picking up my new 335is coupe tomorrow, so you would highly recommend this tune and intake? I want to drive the car stock for a little white to get used to the power, it is that much of a difference in power? I to plan to keep it stock aside from tune and intake and 93 octane.
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