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Potentially daft question regarding head units

My car has got a single slot DVD head unit which runs both the sat nav DVD and any potential CD I might want to play.

I think this is down to the sat nav installation in my car being the business rather than pro.

Is it too simple for me to think that I could switch out the single slot head unit in my car and replace it with one of the dual slot ones and that everything would continue to work with the sat nav DVD continuously loaded and me free to also play CDs without having to worry about storing the sat nav DVD and having to put up with no maps when a CD is playing?

This seems like an incredibly strange design by BMW to me, having to switch out the sat nav DVD everytime I want to play a cd, and a step back from my previous E46 where the sat nav DVD was dealt with in the boot.

I've tried to do some research on this but couldn't seem to find an answer to that exact question when I was looking.

Any info appreciated