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Originally Posted by Derek8819 View Post
I've heard the same about the DSG, supposed to be really good. I'm gonna go drive one next week, on paper it doesn't seem much smaller than the 1, but I'll have to see to believe.
It is smaller than the 1 series, but Audi used the limited space quite effectively. My brother has a TTRS and it is a really nice car. The interior feels nicer than my 1M and I think the seats are better, offering a more bolstered feel (not sure if the TTS gets the same seats). The back seat is really laughable though, it would have been much more usable for luggage etc. if it wasn't even there. I guess if you have small children you could use it. I have been in the back seat and for anything longer than 10 min it is unbearable for an adult. With the rear seats folded down it can fit almost as much crap as my 1M.

I enjoyed the 2.0t in my '06 GLI. With a giac tune I was close to 250 hp and ~300 ft/lbs of torque. The TTS uses a larger turbo as well so I would imagine the output could be over 300 with a similar tune. Giac was great, car felt stock until I got into the boost where there was just more power. It also pulled longer instead of dying off pretty abruptly. I have heard good things about the DSG, supposed to be a great transmission.