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Originally Posted by Maddict3 View Post

I've been running Map 5 and all I can say is wow! the difference is tremendous. Thanks to everyone for all the help.

BEAR the reason why I quoted your post is because this just made things a little confusing with all the E this E that lol, I always run on 93 Octane but i still dont quite understand what you guys are talking about? should i check for something in particular when I pick my gasoline? Or does every 93 octane gas contain exactly the right amount of "E" I need to run in map 5? haha
Most 93 octane gas contains up to 10% alcohol. New US Government regs are allowing this to change to 15% alcohol. The alcohol content of the gas is listed on the gas station pump. You can still get no alcohol 93 from some stations in some areas but it generally very hard to come by.

E85 is a blended fuel that is 85% alcohol & 15% of gasoline. So when you are mixing fuels to get a specific alcohol content you need to remember that premium already has in most cases some alcohol already in it so you can get the correct percentage mix.

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